Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pumpkin Cannon

The condensed water vapor that comes out from the barrel gives a nice effect.

It's finally nice enough out to remind me it's Spring, which means it's almost time to dust off the pumpkin cannon.

My dad saw one of these and thought he'd try his hand at building one. It has a great Mad Max look to it as all the components are scrapped. The tank was salvaged from a naval base and is rated up to 1000psi. The highest we've dared is 250psi which put a pumpkin through 3/4" ply at 150 feet. The cannon is built into a trailer and the barrel folds in half so it doesn't look like heavy artillery driving down the road.  The compressor runs off a belt from an old gas motor so it can be taken and fire anywhere. 


  1. Awesome. I showed this post to my husband and that's all he could say. Thanks for impressing the hell out of an otherwise jaded fellow.

  2. Hot damn, I might need to figure out how to make one of those. Just to see what pulverized pumpkin and plywood look like after 250 psi.